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Qalcosonic E2 Ultrasonic Heat Meter.

Qalcosonic E2 Ultrasonic Heat Meter.

Axioma Metering
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The Axioma Qalcosonic E2 heat energy meter. Integrated ultrasonic flow sensor with 3.0m display cable, D-Cell 3.6v battery power supply, a pair of temperature sensors with 3.0m cable, m-bus, wireless m-bus OMS 868 MHz and pulse input / output as standard.

Product Data Sheet

  • MID Class 2 Heat Meter approved to EN1434, RHI Compliant.
  • DN125 - DN400 Size.
  • Nominal flow qp 100.0 m3/hr - 560.0 m3/hr.
  • 3.0m temperature sensors + 1/2" BSP Pockets.
  • IP65 protection class.
  • Wireless M-Bus modes: AXI, S1 and T1 OMS; M-Bus, RS232, RS485, M-Bus/RS232/CL current output, BACnet, M-bus/RS232/CL pulse output, MODBus RTU, MiniBUS outputs available.
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