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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) & MID Approval

RHI and MID Approval

All heat energy meters supplied by Stockshed Limited are Ofgem RHI compliant with MID Class 2 approval.

Read more about how your business could benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) on the Government website here

As per 31.10.2006 all new types of water, gas, electricity and heat meters, must be approved according to the new EU-directive, MID.

The purpose of MID, the Measuring Instrument Directive, is to harmonise measuring instrument legislation across frontiers and eliminate technical trade barriers. The European Parliament has enforced the directive and a total of 31 countries have chosen to follow the regulations of the directive.

What does MID comprise?

MID sets up 10 instrument classes, and for each class MID includes codes of practice as to approval procedures, market control as well as nature and marking of the instruments.

As from 31.10.2006 each of the 28 countries can choose MID-regulations or no regulations. All the old regulations and procedures, national as well as EU-defined, are cancelled, leaving each country with either no measuring instrument regulations or MID-regulations.

Who is responsible for measuring instruments fulfilling MID?

The manufacturer of the measuring instrument is fully responsible for introducing MID. The manufacturer does so by applying to an impartial notified body. For example, Kamstrup meters use Force-Dantest CERT in Denmark for approval according to MID.

The notified body evaluates the product as to compliance and type approval, and may request to go through the production of the unit. Subsequently a certificate of compliance is issued for the producer.

How does the buyer ensure that the measuring instrument fulfils MID?

In future a measuring instrument, which has been approved according to MID, will always bear the CE marking followed by an M, followed by the year of production and the reg. No. of the notified body.

Furthermore, a declaration of compliance issued by the producer will be enclosed with the measuring instrument.