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Stockshed®. simple, honest energy metering.

Exclusive distributor and stockist of all major brands of heat and chilled water energy meters in the UK. Every heat meter compliant for RHI applications with MID Class 2 approval and certification.

We only supply heat and cooling energy meters from world leading manufacturers, providing the best choice for our customers.

Additional services include automatic meter reading (AMR), field surveys, billing distribution and tenant cash collection.

Sharky 775 Heat Meter

The Sharky 775 heat meter is a global market leader, manufactured in Germany by Diehl Metering, and the first ultrasonic meter to gain MID class 2 approval to EN1434 making it a front runner for energy metering and tenant billing installations.

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Qalcosonic E3 Heat & Cooling Meter

The new Axioma E3 ultrasonic heat meter sets new standards for high specification and low cost. Available with triple outputs (M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus OMS and Pulse In/Out) and sizes from 1/2" BSP to DN100 with MID Class 2 approval.

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Sontex Supercal 531 & Superstatic 440

The Sontex range of meters are the only choice for the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) and Glycol based applications. This Swiss manufactured range is available in 1/2" BSP to DN500 sizes with M-Bus / Pulse output as standard.

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