Itron Meters

Itron Meters

CF Echo II
Most Popular Meter for 15mm - 50mm pipes.

Ultrasonic Compact Heat Meter for nominal flow of Qp 0.6 m3/h up to Qp 15 m3/h, DN15 - DN50 meter sizes.

The CF Echo II is part of the new generation of Itron ultrasonic heat meters. Electronic data processing gives high precision throughout the entire measurement curve, producing a dynamic range exceeding class C. 

Thanks to a complete portfolio of body variants, flows can be measured from Qp 0.6 m3/h up to Qp 15 m3/h (DN15 - DN50) with reliable and stable accuracy. 

All hydraulic bodies carry a flanked design helping meter installation. The plug and play communication boards open the way for automatic meter reading through various systems such as RF or M-Bus.

CF UltraMaxx V

Compact Meter for 15mm & 20mm pipes. 

Ultrasonic compact thermal energy meter with nominal flow versions qp 0.6, qp 1.5 and 2.5 m3/h. 1/2" and 3/4" BSP connections.

The new ultrasonic compact thermal energy meter “CF-UltraMaXX V” is the result of the consequent evolution of the successful Itron CF-Family series of static flow and thermal energy meters.

CF-UltraMaXX can be used for the measurement of all relevant billing data in heating and cooling systems.

Due to it’s wide dynamic range, the CF-UltraMaXX V qp 1.5 can be used for all applications in residential metering which requires usually two different product versions qp 0.6 or qp 1.5 m3/hr.


Static flow meters for thermal energy C&I applications. Qp 25.0 and 40.0 m3/h. DN65 - DN80.

Axonic is a static ultrasonic flow meter perfectly adapted to the needs of district heating and cooling applications. With Itron's proven know-how of static metering technology it has been developed for heating and cooling applications where water is used as an energy transfer medium.

Axonic is equipped with an universal interface which allows it to be easily combined with Itron calculators such as CF51, CF55 or CF800.

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